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Behind the Scene Textile Designing Softwares

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Today i would like to let you know how we Textile Designers carry out our jobs. Generally in old days things were mostly done manually by hands in india textile designing and fashion designing is the most hot business as the fashion of east is derrived from India the rich embroidery and pigments enchant the eyes and thus the indian fashion industry just like its film industry is world famous and people are seeking whats hot in vogue at present in India .

I am not a big philosopher but in short ill give you an overlook of how things are done in background . Things and efforts which bring out the complete package which is loved by all glancing eyes . 

Today i'll share Things about Textile Designing softwares . There are many softwares used to do the graphical work dealing with textile printing . some examples are as below.

1)ArHand for making patterns easily .

Artlandia SymmetryWorks, the exciting, highly effective, simple-to-use, and most reasonably priced software for pattern design, is just some clicks away. This Illustrator plug-in is best for working with vector objects, but it lets you use raster images in your patterns too. SymmetryWorks will prevent hours on each sample you make. And it will allow you to create designs that you just can't do by every other means. Here is what is available in your package:
Artlandia SymmetryWorks 5 plug-in
A comprehensive Person Guide
Set up instructions
Quick Reference Card file
SymmetryWorks Sampler (patterns created with SymmetryWorks-learn by example)
Other supplemental materials useful for learning and dealing with the plug-in. 

Follow Link to see more..
2)Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later

There is a complete book for "Adobe photoshop and Textile Designing" which can be found from this link here follow the link to view what results can be attained using the photoshop.

the price of this book is around $100

Also you can find tutorials on Youtube. 

3)JacqCAD Master

The above mentioned are most used by me . The fabric used in any dress is the basic and it vary from time to time you have to cope up with the time to do this you need to bring more and more innovation in your work to put your patterns and embroidery on a suitable or matching fabrich which easily indulges with your designing is very important . To do this i use few great softwares one of which is "JacqCAD Master" which makes my work 60% more easy and effective . its a complete loom controling software . 

Read the Descriptions here :

fully compatible with 
Actrom-5 Punch Machines
Bonas .EP files for electronic heads
Digital Weaving Norway TC1
Grosse .WEA files
Schleicher electronic jacquard heads
Socos dobby file (3.5" floppy disk or PCMCIA card)
Staübli Jacquard heads, including CX860, CX960, CX1060 with JC 3, JC 4, JC 4B or JC 5 loom controllers.
Staübli Punches and Card Readers 
The programs which control the punches and readers via serial lines can be used on either the main design computer or on a separate system.
TIS electronic heads
AVL Jacquard .J1P format files

4)Textile Vision

One of the oldest in the business and still favorite by many . Gives astonishing results easy to use and very effective .
download the trial from this website :

and last but not the least 

5) Wilcom Softwares for Embroidery Solutions
Wilcom is Australian based Software company which provides the best softwares to run on computerized embroidery machines . Yes mostly embroidery which you see on your dresses are computerized whether its a fancy wedding dress or a logo on your cap its done computerized and Wilcom Helps do that there are other solutions as well but wilcom softwares are used by 85% designers around the world . it is a corel draw based designing software which provides Embroidery  , Print and Decoration Design softwares such as :
 Embroidery Studio
 Wilcom ConceptShare

There are relative videos on thier website which explain more how and what results you can achieve to get better clientage . Wilcom is the most impressive and recommended by me to who ever wants to try embroidery designing ..

 in this short article i just gave you and overview how things happen behind the scene , if you are interested to know more leave comments and will get back to you as soon as possible .sharing is caring ..... Keep smiling :)

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