Friday, 30 December 2011

Your Homework for Winters - Must Finish Before Winter Ends .

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Freezing  Feeling the urge to only sit around & grizzle about the climate? Shape up, cute!

Attempt doing these as a substitute!

1 Buy yourself a tremendous bathrobe to lounge in
2 Carry a sizzling water bottle everywhere (I have a turquoise one which matches quite a lot of my clothes…)
3 Start wearing multiple pairs of ripped stockings layered over one another
4 Go to sleep to The Beatles
5 Bundle up & go for long night time-time walks with someone cute
6 Dress up like a Eurotrash snow bunny
7 Drink extra juice
8 Make a fort
9 Learn trashy novels in bed
10 Put together an unlimited feast for your closest friends
11 Write long letters to your favourite folks (even when they live nearby)
12 Purchase an unbelievable umbrella
13 Spend an entire weekend watching a box set of your favorite show
14 Choreograph dances in your living room to stay warm!
15 Ebook a session in an isolation tank
16 Make an effort to get out of the house every Sunday & go for a giant breakfast

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17 Fill a huge glass jar in your front room with sweets
18 Maintain arms with someone whilst you sleep
19 Wear a coat with an enormous collar & pretend you’re a superhero in disguise
20 Buy an unlimited fluffy rug
21 Wear a hoodie (with the hood pulled up) to sleep in
22 Good a scorching chocolate recipe
23 Yawn as typically as you want
24 End up a magical talisman
25 Make a huge bowl of vegetarian chilli
26 Eat mashed potatoes
27 Imagine your self sleeping on a big cloud
28 Surrender smoking (huddling within the rain isn't any fun)
29 Take heed to Fiona Apple & Elliott Smith over & over until you know all of the words
30 Allow your self numerous quiet, dimly-lit alone time
31 Purchase watercolours & a Moleskine pocket book & go wild
32 Tell ghost tales round a crackling hearth
33 Reclaim outdated personality traits which have been trampled into oblivion
34 Buy a pair of hilarious slippers (ideally with a face on!)
35 Cultivate a superb stocking collection & use them to decorate up easy outfits
36 Choose a brand new hero
37 Go ski-ing, keep in a chalet & wear an elaborate knitted jersey!
38 Guard against the dreaded lizard-skin by moisturising repeatedly!
39 Watch Charlie Chaplin films
40 Wear leg-heaters
41 Smile all the way to work - folks will both smile again or think you’re mental. Both way, what bliss!
42 Take into consideration where you wish to spend your subsequent winter!

Now you can add more crazy things imagination is your limit

Enjoy ! winters ..

by:M Shahid Shafiq....

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