Friday, 30 December 2011

Tragedy :( with my kitten

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I just finished writing my last article Kids are Kids and i was watching videos on youtube suddenly i heard scream of cat , i have 4 cats including one kitten of 2 months age . 
Generally its mating season for cats these days so you often hear males fighting here and there . Having 3 male Cats i have to take care alot because the wild cats they know how to fight and my tamed cats they don't know how to fight brutal every time i see my cats getting injuries cos of other wild cats who fight for territory , i live in a bungalow and my cats have big territory to defend .
However this time when i heard the scream i ran quickly to see whats happening but i heard silence , i kept looking here and there then i shouted names of my cats and suddenly i heard scream again . I went to boundry of my home and i see no cats fighting and again i heard the scream this time it was coming from over my head when i looked up i was stunned !!!
My young kitten fell from terrace 20feet above , and he fell directly on the Iron Fence for protection from theives . This fence  has sharp edges like knife and my kitten was stuck in them . barely moving i saw one iron rod with sharp point pierced into his stomach and i wasted not even a single minute i climbed and i picked him up and i saw 2 big holes in his stomach and one between legs ........... and blood was flowing ...AAh i cant say more its making me crazy again to describe it . 
I brought him inside and i took him to the hospital .. during the way he was struggling alot and losing blood because of getting hyper with pain , All i was hoping to find the Doctor . When doctor took him out of the basket i fainted .
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Yes really i fainted ... i saw his intestine coming out from the hole , it was so big that damaged him alot . I was asked to sign one document i signed it and then they started surgery . hours it took them and then i saw my kitten moving waking up moving his legs i felt a bit relaxed . 
Everyone at home was praying for this young fellow to be alive , and its nice to know he is alive but with such injuries pain remains for some days and this kitten is in great agony so i want you all to pray for his health .
I Asked my family that who let this Kitten go to terrace alone and they said the gate was open he went him self and must have slipped his leg .

So Moral of the Story is Bad things can Happen with Kids or Pets so take extra Caution Please . 
I have one more great thing to share which ill share tom if its successful . its about helping someone who couldn't buy gifts for Her kids this christmas :) i am sure you will love it  ..

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