Friday, 30 December 2011

Kids are Just Kids !

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Had a Terrible tragedy last week , i was at home working as usual and suddenly i got a call from my sister she was tensed and almost like crying ans i asked what happened and she said . My Daughter Adina Broke her Elbow . 
I was shocked to hear this but i controlled myself and i tried to calm down my sister and she was like oh god what to do and i said dont worry ill be there as soon as i can and i asked her where is your husband and she said he took her to the nearby hospital . So i said you relax ill have a visit there .
 Tragedy with children can happen anytime you never know when they will do some mistakes , however my niece went through surgery . When i asked her mom what was she doing and how all this happened she said , Adina is very playfull girl and she was running here and there and i asked her to take care i made her sit with me but she left and then she went to the bed and started jumping on the matress and from there she fell on the floor on her elbow ..... 
At one time i was like you should have cared more for kids and she was saying i was caring . it has been like almost 7 days and today when i spent some time with Adina she has plaster on her hand and still she is running here and there . I was soo much tensed and caring not to let her fall .
But Kids are Kids . when i saw her playing running here and there i realized that it wasn't the mistake of her mom who could not reach to catch her when she fell from the bed . May be she was also smiling at her daughter when she was jumping on the bed , We all must care for kids and we must do so but bad things can always happen so make sure you take all the safety measures when kids are playing . We learn from our mistakes and Kids they dont lol . They have Endless energy to do more fun even when they are with injuries ...... 
All you can do is just watch them and get happy and hope nothing goes wrong and May God Bless Every Child and Everyone Who reads this ....

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by M Shahid Shafiq

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